Wart / mole / skin tag removal

Wart / mole / skin tag removal

Warts are viral infections on the skin that cause outgrowths and keep spreading through contact from site to site & person to person. Removing them is essential to prevent spread and for cosmetic reasons.

Moles :

Moles occur on the skin from birth or later in life also. Sometimes moles get bigger, plumpy and look odd on the skin. Hence they need to be resurfaced to get a pleasing appearance.

DPN/Seborrheic Keratosis :

DPN/Seborrheic Keratosis are age related changes, causing small outgrowths on the skin. They occur in many numbers ranging from 10 to several thousands. They are benign growths. They need to be removed to give the skin a flawless appearance.

Skin tags :

Skin tags are tag like outgrowths on the skin occuring in areas of friction, especially in obese individuals. Sometimes, they get twisted, strangulated resulting in a lot of pain.

Radiofrequency Ablation :

Radiofrequency Ablation removal is one of the excellent methods of making the skin free of these imperfections. A numbing cream is applied an hour prior to the procedure for patient comfort, after the wart, skin tag, mole, DPN, etc are removed.

Getting these removed with Our Dermatology Expert is a comfortable, hassle free experience, with excellent post procedure results.

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