Problems of the Penis & Treatments

Penis is the external male reproductive organ, part of the urinary system. Problems of the penis include:

- Phimosis

- Paraphimosis

- Penile Ulcer

- Penile Wart

- Fracture of the penis

- Frenulum tear

- Short Frenulum

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Urethral Stricture

- Penis with a curvature - Chordee

- Penile Growth - benign & Cancers

Management :

- For Erectile dysfunction,

- Phimosis will need to be treated by manual reduction or cicumcision surgery

- Penile Fracture will have to be surgically corrected.

- Penile Ulcers have to be investigated and medically managed. Sometimes a biopsy of the lesion is needed.

- Penile warts will need cryotherapy, chemical autery, surgical cautery, excision.

- Short frenulum & frenulum tear can be corrected surgically.

- Urethral Stricture treatment,

Penile growth:

- Biopsy

- Surgical Excision / Penectomy (Partial / Total) with Urethrostomy

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