Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

- Permanent solution for hair loss

Lost hair and bald look is not meant to be with you all your life.All medicines aimed at promoting hair growth works on the thinning areas, but not in the complete bald patch. To restore hair in those balding areas, hair transplant is the only permanent solution. Here I will brief you on how a transplant is helpful.

To take hairs, the source is the donor area, commonly, the back of the scalp, whatever be the technique of hair extraction.

The traditional Strip method of hair transplant (FUT), involves removing a slice of scalp with intact follicles, slicing each follicular unit seperately and reimplanting them on the front or the crown area, based on the patient's requirement. The advantage of this technique is that a large number of donor follicles can be harvested with ease. The major disadvantage is a full length scar at the back of the scalp, giving a tight feel, and stays prominently visible if one wears their hair short.

The latest advancement is the FUE technique. In FUE hair transplant technique, each follicular unit is individually removed, categorised into one follicle, 2 follicle, 3 follicle, 4 follicle units, and used for implantation into the bald areas.

After removal of the follicles, donor area is cleansed and dressing done. The follicles are now ready for reimplantation. The frontal area, the crown areas are cleansed, prepared and implantation is done to the entire area as shown.

Since procedure is done under local anaesthesia, patients can stay awake, watch TV, use their mobiles as the hair transplant goes on. To maintain the life of the follicles when they are out of the body, they are given a dose of Platelet rich plasma. The donor area recovery is very quick, and in just 3 - 5 days, the donor area is as good as before.

Comparing FUE donor area to FUT donor area, this is nearly scar free, the reason being, the pin point spots are barely visible, compared to the large scar of FUT.

Coming to the much talked about DHI hair transplant, it is nothing but FUE hair transplant, in which, the hair implantation is done using implanters. This offers blood free working area, making the procedure much faster, reducing surgery time.

Adequate Hair is taken to avoid from to avoid donor hairs from getting damaged in the process of removal.

The best thing about hair transplant is that the transplanted hair keeps growing all through one's life because they are taken from the permanent zone, hence resistant to hormone induced thinning as compared to the hair in front.

Pre - operative work up of patients, to determine their health conditions, is done with strict scrutiny, also patients are carefully selected by a FOX test, to see if their scalp is compatible, only then are they taken up for the FUE hair transplant, to ensure higher success rate.

Post surgery, Platelet rich plasma is given at monthly intervals to help the newly transplanted hairs & the previously thinning hairs to grow with renewed vigour.

When the requirement of hair is more, while the donor area does not suffice, hair is taken from other body areas too. This can only be done with FUE method.

FUE hair transplant can be done for :

1. Young individuals needing only the frontal receding hair line.

2. People who wear their hair short & dont want a visible scar.

3. People who want very little down time (no sutures, suture removal, wound care)

4. Females with just a high forehead, want a smaller forehead.

5. Thicker Eyebrows.

6. Patches of alopecia areata, scarring alopecia in which disease is dormant, etc.

7. Where body hair also has to be taken for implantation.

Preparing for a hair transplant is serious work. How much hair is needed & monetary capability of patient has to be matched & the best solution decided before any transplant.

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