Hair Care

In hair care, we'll get you to know the various treatments available for hair growth and hair reduction.

For permanent hair removal, the best treatment available is Laser Hair removal. Though known widely as removal, what laser achieves is a permanent hair reduction in the number and density of the hair thereby making a person hair free. USFDA approved technology of hair reduction is used in our clinics to provide permanent hair reduction with Laser. Enjoy the hair free experience, with no hassles when u r taken care of by Dr. Annie Flora.


For hair growth, various hair loss treatments are available everywhere. But how successful each treatment can be depends on the patient's hair condition, the reason for the hair loss, the genetics, etc. Everything is dealt with in depth consultation by Dr. Annie. She gets to the root of the hair loss problem, finds the cause and addresses it, thereby giving complete solution for hair loss. Dr. Annie is specialised in hair growth treatments like mesotherapy, stem cell treatment for hair loss, Platelet rich plasma for hair growth and hair transplant.

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