In the field of dermatology, all the problems of skin, hair & nail are addressed. Aesthetic medicine and solution for skin care. Laser treatments for acne, scar, hair removal, tattoo removal are all done with expertise and tailor made to deliver the best results. Anti-Hair loss treatments range from stem cell therapies, anti dandruff treatments to Platelet Rich Plasma and Hair transplant. Moles and warts, skin tags can be easily taken off the skin through ablative techniques to get a blemish free skin.

Other treatments with promising results include acne treatments, skin lightening, anti-ageing, skin and hair maintenance. Pre-wedding, pre-party skin preparations are also done with the latest equipments and techniques to give a glowing and bright skin. Wrinkle reduction and slowing the skin’s ageing process is a fascinating field that has gained a lot of importance these days. Our dermatologist, Dr. Annie Flora spends time with each person to understand their core needs and addresses it to restore and build one’s confidence in life.

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