Body Contouring

- Getting into the shape that you love.

Unwanted pockets of fat are a cause of worry to any individual, be it male or female. This is a major reason for depression & low self esteem. With so much of rush and very little time, one thinks of taking care of their outline as the last priority. So for those who cannot afford to lose unwanted fat the hard way, they can opt for the best solution.

The areas that can be treated by RF cavitation include :

- Abdomen (stomach),

- Obliques (love handles),


- Thighs,

- Buttocks region (butt)

- Arms (upper),

- Knees (inner),

- Masculine breasts,

Treatment Option

- Cryolipolysis,

- Thermage,

- RF Cavitation,

- Skin Tightening,

- Injuction Lipolysis,

Skin Tightening :

- Getting rid of loose, baggy skin.

Skin loses its elasticity & turgor as one ages. This happens due to loss of dermal substances like collagen, elastin, fat, etc.

Over the face, one tends to get droopy eyelids, bagginess of the eyelids, drooping cheeks with prominent nasolabial folds, marionette lines, laugh lines, jowls, neck bands, ate. Aging also causes laxity of arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, etc.

Non invasive method of skin tightening is done with Radiofrequency. The heat generated tightens the collagen, giving an immediate tightened appearance, but the real effect starts after 2 months & the skin keeps improving after 6 months of stopping the treatment. The results stay for upto 2 years, after which it needs to be repeated to maintain the results.

Cryolipolysis / RF Cavitation :

- Fat cells are reduced by autolysis due to freezing or through RF energy. Based on the individual fat distribution and density of fat, the results varies from individual to individual. These treatments along with good lifestyle changes help in maintaining a healthy body contour.

Thermage :

RF energy is used to cause collagen denaturing and stimulating new collagen formation. Tightening of skin occurs over a period of 6 months following a single session. Mostly a single session is sufficient to deliver results. However, for some persons, additional sessions may be needed to achieve the desired effect.

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