Acne Scar

Acne leaves its impression on a person's face & mind for a life time unless corrected by vigorous measures.

Acne leaves behind scars over the skin that cause unevenness of the skin. Getting rid of these scars with creams & medications is nearly imposible. Recent advances in the field of dermatosugery have put forward several solutions to these otherwise permanent etches on the skin…


Microdermabrasion is the method of exfoliating the skin by means of an MDA machine which uses a diamond tip or Aluminium oxide crystals. So how does this help with the scars? Mild to moderate scars improve with MDA due to the skin stimulation process done by the procedure. Fine lines also reduce with successive treatments. Post procedure, one can resume work immediately.


Dermaroller is based on the principle of Microneedle stimulation of the skin, thereby resulting in neo collagen synthesis resulting in smoother skin. The scars slowly fade away with successive treatment. Post procedure, enough sunprotection is needed. The results are excellent for moderate to severe scars.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing:

Fractional Laser is used for moderate to severe scars. Micro columns of skin get lased with each session, resulting in good collagen synthesis getting triggered. The skin keeps improving for the next few months, ending nearly smooth & supple. The latest sublative microneedling RF technology e-matrix has a better efficiency in correcting and improving scars with minimal epidermal damage, meaning, recovery after the procedure is faster than conventional fractional CO2 laser.


Subcision is one procedure that is least talked of, but one of the most effective for moderate to severe scars that are very resistant to any other treatments. In this, the scar is manually lifted up gently after anaesthetising the skin. This is often combined with the other procedures to deliver the best results.

TCA Cross :

This is a treatment that has stood the test of time, in providing best results for ice pick scars, which are very deep ones. When done in combination with other treatments, the improvement seen with scars is tremendous. The change becomes noticeable in just a month or two.

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