Acne (pimple), is a very common skin issue that is cosmetically distressing to the patient.

Acne occurs due to clogging of the pores of hair follicles by oil (sebum) and dead cells. The various stages include:

Black head (open comedones)

White head (closed comedones)

Papules ( red bumpy pimples)

Pustules (pus filled pimples )

Nodulocystic acne ( large pus filled cysts)

Different treatments work for different types of acne. Basic topical applications include Adaplene, Benzoyl peroxide, Clindamycin, Tretinoin, etc.

Systemic Treatments include Isotretinoin, systemic antibiotics, etc. When topical remedies fail, or when they are too slow to show dramatic results, the role of advanced treatments come to play.

1. Skin Peels :

Skin Peels are used to provide rapid results that are long standing and provide excellent acne control when done the right way.

Skin peels have the property of exfoliating the skin, reducing the oiliness of the skin, thereby reducing the acne tendency, reducing the post acne spots & preventing further skin damage due to scarring. Of the different peels available for acne, Dr. Annie decides which one is best for the patient based on the skin condition, thereby tailoring the treatment to provide the best results for every individual.

2. IPL Laser :

Propionibacterium acnes is the bacteria which plays a key role in acne. IPL Laser tackles this bacteria, thereby relieving a patient of the main cause. IPL is also the best treatment for rosacea.

3. Microdermabrasion :

For the sand paper comedones which are resistant to the conventional medications, microdermabrasion helps in reducing them and smoothening the texture of the skin.

4. RF ablation :

For recurrent acne, RF ablation of the comedones gives good long term control. This is done followed by peels, to get excellent acne control.

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